Yesterday Orange announced that they will be selling the iPhone from the 10th November. Exciting stuff for Orange customers due an upgrade this month….. Or is it? It has been reported that Orange will not be offering loyal customers any discounts, and they have apparently told staff to treat any customer wanting an iPhone like a “new” customer. Looks like Everyone is going to be getting the same deal.

As for the tarrifs, well they are pretty much the same as the offering from O2. 18 or 24 month plans with the phone costing from ”free” if you opt for the standard 3G version on a 24 month contract or if you opt for a £44.04 plan on an 18 month contract.
The most you will have to fork out for the phone is £274 for the 32GB 3GS on an 18 month contract.

Although not amazing, it is a sound offering from Orange. Despite the almost identical pricing nothing bad can come from having more competition in the iPhone market!

Next up Vodafone!