orange_iphone Today Orange made the iPhone available. Pre-installed with custom Orange apps! Like the ones from France… but in English.

Orange appear to have back tracked slightly on how they were going to treat customers that are already with them. It had been reported that Orange would not honour loyalty discounts for customers upgrading to the iPhone. However today it appears that the discount stands. Up to 20% discount can be applied. Great news for all those loyal customers out there, and in reality a big saving compared to if you were to switch to O2.

Early Upgrades  have also been reported. If you wish to disconnect your current contract to get the iPhone with Orange then they will waive the disconnection fee via a “Credit back”. This is where you pay your disconnection fee and they add a credit to your bill, so your first couple of months are all paid up front. Customers are reporting that they have been treated fairly by Orange, and feel that they have received a good deal!  Happy Times!