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“Motorola S9-HD” headphones


Much has been written in the press recently about the impact that technology is having on our lives, from how we watch video and, in particular, how we listen to audio so it is no surprise that manufacturers have been racking their brains for new and exciting ways to appease the consumer.

One product that I am looking forward to checking out is the truly wireless headphone.

I currently have my regular wired headphones wrapped around my iTouch, and it’s always annoying trying to untangle them before I can listen to my music.  And that is without the added possibility of them breaking, catching on something, or the wire near the connection just “dying” on me at any given moment.

So, you can imagine how thrilled I was to hear about the range of wireless Bluetooth Headphones on the market at the moment.  No more wires, no more tangles, no more throwaway headphones just because the sound cuts out on one headphone as the wire has broken!!

Bring it on!!

The first ones that caught my beady little eye were the “Motorola S9-HD” headphones.

These lil babies slip on your ears, the “techy” bit at the back holds the battery and floats around at the back of your neck.  They “pair” with just about anything, and are supposed to deliver a fantastic sound since they were upgraded from the previously releases S9 model.

Controls mounted on the phones allows monitoring of volume, track selection etc.

Two sound modes (Stereo and SRS- WOW surround sound) provide adequate spatial sound tittilation.

They retail at about £90 but you will need a Bluetooth adaptor to get it to work with your iPhone/iTouch (there are packs available online that contain the headphones and adaptor).

The battery can be charged up to 400 times, giving about 5 hours of use per charge.

Now, the pros and cons:




Can be used to intercept incoming calls from your phone

Sweat-proof and water-resistant

Noise-cancelling technology for a more personal audio experience


May not sound as good as equivalently-priced wired phones

Heavy users may find themselves with a £90 dud after 12-18 months, if they charge daily

Good for on-the-go use, but not good for lying around listening to music

Tailored for a certain head size, so try before you buy

Reports of phones cutting out during rigorous work-outs


Whilst the above headset has whetted my appetite for a wireless method of listening to my music on the go, in the gym etc I feel there are too many reasons against spending nearly £100 on a pair of headphones that “look the part” but just might fall apart.

Save your readies for Apple’s own incarnations, or maybe the Altec Lansing Backbeat 903’s (as advertised on Apple’s site).


Orange iPhone Launched Today!


orange_iphone Today Orange made the iPhone available. Pre-installed with custom Orange apps! Like the ones from France… but in English.

Orange appear to have back tracked slightly on how they were going to treat customers that are already with them. It had been reported that Orange would not honour loyalty discounts for customers upgrading to the iPhone. However today it appears that the discount stands. Up to 20% discount can be applied. Great news for all those loyal customers out there, and in reality a big saving compared to if you were to switch to O2.

Early Upgrades  have also been reported. If you wish to disconnect your current contract to get the iPhone with Orange then they will waive the disconnection fee via a “Credit back”. This is where you pay your disconnection fee and they add a credit to your bill, so your first couple of months are all paid up front. Customers are reporting that they have been treated fairly by Orange, and feel that they have received a good deal!  Happy Times!

MacBook Paper

Thinner than Air?

Thinner than Air?

Love this :

Future iPhone will contain RFID swipe chips


Acording to, who have reported that Apple have created iPhones with Radio-Frequency IDentification chips. This theoretically could allow you to pay for items with just the swipe of your phone. 

Imagine having your Oyster Card built in to your phone? This could actually replace debit and credit cards in the future? We think so. 

See AppleInsider for the full story : Needs You!


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Orange + iPhone =££££

Expensive Orange thats not very juicy!

Expensive Orange thats not very juicy!

A few sums for the cost of an iPhone over 18 months with insurance and tethering on Orange.

  • 18 Months @ £34.26 p/m   =£616.68
  • Orange Care @ £12 p/m   = £216.00
  • 3GB Tethering @ £14.68 p/m   =£264.24
  • 16GB iPhone @ £184.50

Total for an 18 month Contract : (Drum Roll)  £1281.42   ( whoa!!?!)

Same on O2 will cost you £1246.08.  Thats £34.34 cheaper (Or one months line rental if you like?)


Orange have informed Tomorrows Gizmo that Orange customers loyalty discounts will not be applied to iPhone Tariffs.  No more 20% off…. so much for loyalty.

WebOS update coming soon?

The Palm Pre

The Palm Pre

Palm Pre Owners Rejoice! It has slipped that Palm are not happy with the slight lag in the Palm Pre’s Web Operating System.

Despite using the same architecture as the iPhone the Palm does feel a bit sluggish  in comparison. This apparently according to Palms Dion Almae and Ben Galbraith is because “there is no path to the GPU for webOS” It looks like this could be resolved in time for the Pixi release. We would imagine they would release an over-the-air update for the Pre’

 The webOS has been very well recieved and there are not many complaints out there about it. As the OS grows up we’re sure we’ll see some vast improvements in  speed and functionality. We believe there is much to come from the Pre’

Orange iPhone tethering


Orange have added a little something to their price plans on the iPhone portion of their website. Orange are going to allow tethering. This will allow you to share your 3G connection with your laptop on the go.

There are not many details apart from its going to cost from £4.89. and if you opt for the £122.34 p/m plan then your going to get 3GB of data thrown in.

Currently Oranges mobile data plans are as follows

18 Month Contract :

  • 500MB – £4.89
  • 1GB – £9.79
  • 3GB – £14.68
  • 10GB - £ 24.47

Notice how the 500MB matches?

UPDATE 04/11

The £4.89 is for 500MB  £14.68 for 3GB

Orange iPhone launch date – November 10th 2009



Yesterday Orange announced that they will be selling the iPhone from the 10th November. Exciting stuff for Orange customers due an upgrade this month….. Or is it? It has been reported that Orange will not be offering loyal customers any discounts, and they have apparently told staff to treat any customer wanting an iPhone like a “new” customer. Looks like Everyone is going to be getting the same deal.

As for the tarrifs, well they are pretty much the same as the offering from O2. 18 or 24 month plans with the phone costing from ”free” if you opt for the standard 3G version on a 24 month contract or if you opt for a £44.04 plan on an 18 month contract.
The most you will have to fork out for the phone is £274 for the 32GB 3GS on an 18 month contract.

Although not amazing, it is a sound offering from Orange. Despite the almost identical pricing nothing bad can come from having more competition in the iPhone market!

Next up Vodafone!

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