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iPhone 4.0


Apple are due to release the details for iPhone OS 4.0 tomorrow the 8th April. Mainly aimed at the app developers it should be interesting!! Stay tuned for the full details!

Update 10:08

The event will start at 6pm BST

Future iPhone will contain RFID swipe chips


Acording to, who have reported that Apple have created iPhones with Radio-Frequency IDentification chips. This theoretically could allow you to pay for items with just the swipe of your phone. 

Imagine having your Oyster Card built in to your phone? This could actually replace debit and credit cards in the future? We think so. 

See AppleInsider for the full story :

Orange iPhone tethering


Orange have added a little something to their price plans on the iPhone portion of their website. Orange are going to allow tethering. This will allow you to share your 3G connection with your laptop on the go.

There are not many details apart from its going to cost from £4.89. and if you opt for the £122.34 p/m plan then your going to get 3GB of data thrown in.

Currently Oranges mobile data plans are as follows

18 Month Contract :

  • 500MB – £4.89
  • 1GB – £9.79
  • 3GB – £14.68
  • 10GB - £ 24.47

Notice how the 500MB matches?

UPDATE 04/11

The £4.89 is for 500MB  £14.68 for 3GB

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