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HTC one

HTC Software Update


The HTC One in the UK is receiving a software update OTA.
promises enhancements to Zoe, and beats audo. As well as fixing a number of bugs and issues.

WebOS update coming soon?

The Palm Pre

The Palm Pre

Palm Pre Owners Rejoice! It has slipped that Palm are not happy with the slight lag in the Palm Pre’s Web Operating System.

Despite using the same architecture as the iPhone the Palm does feel a bit sluggish  in comparison. This apparently according to Palms Dion Almae and Ben Galbraith is because “there is no path to the GPU for webOS” It looks like this could be resolved in time for the Pixi release. We would imagine they would release an over-the-air update for the Pre’

 The webOS has been very well recieved and there are not many complaints out there about it. As the OS grows up we’re sure we’ll see some vast improvements in  speed and functionality. We believe there is much to come from the Pre’

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